Ashanti Pregnant With First Child After Rekindling Relationship With Nelly

Ashanti and Nelly are together again and expecting their first child. They reunited in September this year and are ready for the next stage of their renewed relationship. Nelly already shares two adult children with his ex Channetta Valentine. As for Ashanti, this will be her first child. Congratulations both!

Ashanti and Nelly Have Dated Before

Ashanti and Nelly dated from 2003 to 2013 with small interruptions, and their relationship ended in betrayal and heartbreak. Nelly commented that he acted out of character because of his insecurities, with Ashanti branding him a “coward” in 2015. Eek.

Romance Reunion Was Unexpected

Nobody expected them to get together again. Ashanti said that she had never imagined they could sort out their disagreement. Even Nelly said their renewed romance was surprising to both of them. He also added that being separate has helped them understand each other better.

Instagram // @ashantisource

The two have been pictured plenty of times recently, and they both seem remarkably happy. It goes to show that timing really does count! Nelly spoke about their renewed relationship in September this year. He said none of them planned this but that they were “cool” again. During the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Ashanti walked the red carpet holding a purse that had a photo of their faces on it. Ashanti considers them as a couple to be in a “great place” and that it was obvious they were together.

Nelly Writes He Loves Ashanti on Instagram

The couple went official on Instagram in October when Nelly posted photos and videos with Ashanti. In the caption, he called her a beautiful, incredible, and hard-working woman. He also announced his love for her.

Instagram // @nellyandashant

In December, the news spread that Ashanti and Nelly were set to welcome their first kid together. The next stage of the renewed journey of the Y2K power couple has begun, best of luck to them!

Singer Adele Says the World Has Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong

There are probably very few people who have not heard of the famous singer and songwriter Adele. She’s known worldwide for her powerful voice and her heartfelt songs. But while the whole world has been pronouncing her name a certain way, it was declared that we are all wrong!

Singer Adele Says the World Has Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong

How to Pronounce Her Name

In a recent questions and answers session at an afterparty for the release of her new song “I Drink Wine,” Adele got excited over a video question from a fan. But she was not so excited about the question itself — she was happy someone finally got her name right! While everyone who knows of her pronounced the name Ah-Dell this entire time, it should be pronounced as Uh-dale, explains the singer in front of her audience!

Las Vegas Residency Date

The famous singer decided it was time to get something off her chest at a recent talk at an afterparty for her new song. It was ahead of her rescheduled 32-date Las Vegas Residency. The tickets for the show have been reselling at prices as high as £40,000! And now all her fans have a date for her series of shows and can enjoy the power of her voice!

Adele on Her New Album

The powerful singer’s new album 30 has heartfelt songs, and she explains why. She says that before writing it, she filed for divorce from her long-time partner Simon Konecki, who she shares custody of their 10-year-old son, Angelo, with. She was devastated and says she felt embarrassed, not because someone made her feel that way but because she felt like she didn’t do a good job. Many of the songs on her album are about that heartbreak.

Adele has gone through physical and mental changes throughout the years, but it’s important that she keeps her head up and continues to create hit songs for her countless fans to enjoy. Now we all have to get used to the correct pronunciation of her name — Uh-dale and keep rocking to her lyrics!