What Is Pink’s Favorite Pizza Topping? Family Day Out Tells All!

What Is Pink’s Favorite Pizza Topping? Family Day Out Tells All!

Pink spent her time at The Mill in San Francisco making pizza with her husband and two little kids. She was in town to perform her Trustfall Tour at the Chase Center and took some time to show off her topping-selecting skills alongside her family. The class looked like it was so much fun! Let’s take a closer look.

Pink on Her Fun Family Day

The singer, age 44, shared photos of the pizza-making class on Instagram. The post showed her, her husband, Carey Hart, and their children, Willow, 12, and Jameson, 6. Pink described the family experience as “incredible.” They had fun at the Mill bakery, whose co-owner is Josey Baker. The pop star captioned the post with a message of thanks dedicated to him and shared that she had the best pizza ever.

Pink on Her Fun Family Day

Pink also shared photographs of the family holding their completed pizzas. Judging by the image, her preferred toppings were green veggies that matched her green dress, while her husband opted for plenty of olives. Daughter Willow had gone for a cheese-covered pie, and their son Jameson channeled his inner onion fiend with enough onion slices for three pizzas.

The Pizza-Making Class

The pizza-making class aimed to share the best tips and tricks on making the perfect Josey Baker Bread pizza, one of San Francisco’s favorites. It’s a two-hour masterclass for up to eight participants. It’s great for people who want to learn how to make more nutritious pizzas or wish to improve their pizza-making skills.

The family’s fun activities continued with a visit to an amusement park in Pennsylvania. Pink’s family members were all disguised, and the singer wore a Super Mario mask! Of course, she captured the moments on Instagram, too. She also shared that her kids would be joining her on tour, and each would have their own responsibilities during that period. Overall, a great family day out for one of our favorite artists. Wholesome!

Man Has a Funny Way of Getting Plane Passengers to Move Their Feet

Tall people may experience some inconvenience during their flights. However, extending their legs might cause inconvenience to the people in the seats in front of them. This man has found a way to handle this situation. Keep reading to find out the hilarious hack you can use to deal with taller plane passengers!

Man Has a Funny Way of Getting Plane Passengers To Move Their Feet
How to Get People to Move Their Feet

The Ultimate Plane Hack

Depending on how tall some passengers are, they might have to extend their legs all the way through. For those of you who find yourselves in such situations, a man has revealed a trick that might help you enjoy your plane ride. He recorded a video of himself and turned the lens so we could see the feet sticking out from underneath his seat. Hilariously, he spilled water onto the person’s toes, and the feet immediately disappeared.

People’s reactions were almost as hilarious as the video itself. “At least you used fresh cold water,” “That dude is my hero,” and “I woulda done the same,” are just some of the comments we came across. Maybe someone should have done that to a passenger who had put his bare foot in a much worse place. Others think it’s okay if you still have your socks on, and some think shoes must stay on no matter how long your flight is.

A Horrible Flight Experience

A Horrible Flight Experience

We can all agree that nobody wants to see others’ feet during a plane ride. There was a case when a passenger decided to put his bare foot on the armrest in front of him. A Reddit user shared a photo asking, “Do you say something if you’re sitting there?”

It turned out that was on a three-hour flight, and this man’s feet stayed there the whole time. He even kicked off one of his shoes to find a more comfortable position and stretch his leg out. This situation resulted in some people saying it makes them “never want to travel again.”