Sabrina Carpenter Shares Her Thoughts on Dating and Fate

Instagram // @sabrinacarpenter

Sabrina Carpenter has opened up about her preferences in romantic relationships. In a recent interview, the pop singer discussed what she sought in a partner. Carpenter, who’s currently dating actor Barry Keoghan, shared details about the qualities she finds most attractive and her unique approach to dating.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Values

Carpenter emphasized that she doesn’t have a specific type of person she dates. Instead, she focuses on finding people who possess qualities similar to those of her friends. Humor, energy, and genuineness are traits that attract her the most.

Additionally, Sabrina Carpenter highlighted the importance of emotional connection. She stated, “I will say I’ve always connected more with people who are really in touch with their emotions.” This emotional depth allows for more meaningful relationships that go beyond superficial attraction.

The Barry Keoghan Romance

The singer is currently in a relationship with Irish actor Barry Keoghan. The couple confirmed their relationship in February 2023 after being spotted together in Los Angeles. They later made their red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty and also appeared together at the Met Gala.

Their romance has been marked by public appearances and celebrations, including Carpenter’s birthday party at DUMBO House in Brooklyn. The close relationship between them highlights Carpenter’s preference for partners who can also be her best friend.

Carpenter’s Thoughts on Fate

Sabrina Carpenter revealed that much of her dating life has been influenced by fate. She explained that she does not actively seek out relationships but rather allows them to happen naturally. For her, a relationship must be interesting and invigorating enough to justify taking time away from other passions.

Instagram // @sabrinacarpenter

Carpenter’s career has been bustling alongside her romantic life. In May 2023, she made her musical guest debut on Saturday Night Live. This achievement followed the release of her latest single, “Espresso”, which earned a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and is arguably stuck in everyone’s heads.

Supporting Taylor Swift

Furthermore, Carpenter served as a supporting act for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour from August 2023 to March 2024, making stops in Latin America, Australia, and Singapore. She described the tour experience as akin to a Broadway show due to its synchronization while still feeling spontaneous.

Sabrina Carpenter’s insights reveal a thoughtful approach to dating that prioritizes emotional connection and genuine qualities. Her relationship with Barry Keoghan exemplifies these values and adds another layer to her evolving personal life. Meanwhile, her thriving career parallels her romantic journey, demonstrating her ability to balance both aspects of her life harmoniously.