Woman Sick of Dating Apps Takes to Streets With Cardboard ‘Looking for a Husband’ Sign

Woman Sick of Dating Apps Comes Up with a 'Looking for a Husband' Sign
Woman Sick of Dating Apps Takes to Streets With Cardboard ‘Looking for a Husband’ Sign

We know that dating apps either work or give you a horrible experience. Many have found their soulmates through these apps, while others swipe their way into madness. As if to sum it all up, one woman’s husband search has gone so badly that she has taken to the streets to find her soul mate!

When Dating Apps Don’t Work

Karolina Getis was sick and tired of spending hours on dating apps without finding a perfect match. So, she decided to get off her phone and try out a more old-fashioned approach —a handwritten “looking for a husband” sign. The 29-year-old went out on the streets of New York City holding the sign in hopes that she would find her prince charming. Lo and behold, it actually worked!

Karolina shared that people’s reactions were great and she loved getting out of her comfort zone. A videographer captures her experience, with Karolina only seeing the public’s reaction on a rewatch later that day. notable experiences include a man who used the sign as an invitation to literally sweep Karolina off her feet. Apparently, the two are now messaging, but there’s no plan to date just yet.

The Original Idea

Karolina’s first sign-holding stunt was a plea for money “for Chanel”—because her closet was looking kind of empty. Despite the bold move and the cost of living crisis, people were pretty receptive to the idea. Getis said she had fun with the stunt and some people indeed gave her money while she was standing outside of the Chanel store.

The Original Idea

Karolina believes that when you need something, you can always make a sign. If you ask correctly, everything will come to you. She will be using the money to buy a Chanel and a Birkin bag. If it worked well for a Chanel bag, surely it will work for a date? What a girl wants, a girl gets, after all.

What do you think of this unique idea?

Elon Musk Had a Secret Third Child With Former Partner Grimes

According to a new biography about Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he and his former partner Grimes had a secret third child together. The biography shed light on the life of Musk, and it became apparent that the enigmatic entrepreneur was focused on growing his family. The biography was penned by Walter Isaacson and reviewed in the New York Times. It discloses the intriguing details of Musk’s familial ties and his offspring.

Elon Musk Has a Secret Child

Elon Musk had a romantic relationship with musician Grimes from 2018 to 2022. The two had their firstborn, X Æ A-12, who arrived in May 2020 — and their second child, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, nicknamed ‘Y,’ in December 2021. Although the couple has since parted ways, their union has produced a secret third child, whose existence had remained a mystery and was just revealed in the biography.

Elon Musk Had a Secret Third Child With Former Partner Grimes
Musk is CEO at Tesla

This new addition to the Musk-Grimes family bears the name Techno Mechanicus, a distinctive and somewhat unconventional moniker. For those seeking brevity, Tau serves as a more manageable alternative. Grimes, the mother of Musk’s (now supposedly) three children, refers to his occasional bouts of intense determination and drive as ‘demon mode,’ a mindset that, as she asserts, allows him to accomplish remarkable feats, albeit often accompanied by a degree of chaos.

Musk’s Secret Child – Techno Mechanicus

The revelation regarding Techno Mechanicus and the resounding name of the child has sparked intrigue and amusement among social media users. Some have celebrated it as a “banger” of a name, while others expressed concerns about the challenges these children might face in a world of digitized forms and stringent naming conventions.

Musk and Grimes separated in September 2021

According to the biography, Tau is Musk’s tenth child, and these children are the result of relationships with three different women. Walter Isaacson’s unparalleled access to Musk’s life over two years provides an intimate glimpse into the complexities and achievements of the billionaire entrepreneur. The biography is titled Elon Musk and was released on September 12th.