Unveiling Startling Comments Overheard by a Nurse During Childbirth

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It’s fair to assume that in the delivery room, mum is the focus. But while she is experiencing contractions and incredible pain, what is dad doing? This nurse took to TikTok to share tales from the delivery room, specifically the things she’s heard the men in the room say. Let’s have a closer look.

Anna’s TikTok Tales From the Delivery Room

Meet Anna, the sensational nurse taking TikTok by storm with her expertise in “birth, postpartum, nursing, and motherhood.” With years of dedicated service assisting doctors in delivering babies, Anna is no stranger to the extraordinary experiences that unfold during childbirth.

In a compelling clip, she unveils the shocking anecdotes she’s heard during her time in the delivery room.

Delivery Room Chronicles

What about the dad who, amidst the intense labor scene, dropped the bombshell question, “So how do we go about getting a paternity test?” Is it an awkward dad joke or a potential episode for Jerry Springer?

TikTok // @anna.the.nurse

Adding a touch of humor, one dad even had the audacity to ask if he could pop out to grab some food, asking when the baby will come as they given the slow progress!

A Spectrum of Reactions During Childbirth

Some dads seem to be on a complaining spree, questioning why the process is taking so long as their partners navigate the challenging task of bringing a human being into the world!

Is it worse to endure complaints, muted responses, or even annoyance at the labor process, with remarks like, “Can you be a little more quiet? You’re being too loud!”

We’ll let you decide what the upper limit is for what men can get away with in the delivery room, but our advice may be something along the lines of “be supportive and keep quiet!”

NASA Sent One Twin Into Space for a Year – This Is What Happened

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In March 2015, NASA sent a pair of twins, Scott and Mark Kelly, on a wild mission. Scott got the space ticket, while Mark stayed on planet Earth as a control group by which NASA could measure the extend of the changes Scott endured while off-planet.

Scott Kelly was up in the International Space Station, landing back on Earth one year after going into space. After his return, scientists went Sherlock Holmes on the twin, studying everything from brainpower to his gut. This is what they found.

NASA’s Twin Experiment

NASA spilled the tea that Scott’s chromosome caps, called telomeres, actually got longer while he was in space; a surprising discovery.

Typically, shorter telomeres are linked to getting old, but they returned to normal once he returned to Earth. It’s like some space magic messing with our DNA!

Unraveling Space Secrets

But wait, there’s more cosmic drama. The twins had different gut bacteria, blaming it on their diets and hangouts. Scott’s DNA got some changes, too, with lower methylation levels in his white blood cells, while Mark’s went up.

NASA claimed that some genes therefore behave differently in different environments, as if our bodies are trying to figure out this whole ‘space thing’!

Cosmic Clues in Our Genes

And get this: more than 200,000 RNA molecules were doing their own thing in Scott and Mark, making scientists wonder if there’s a ‘space gene’ that was activated.

Pexels // Pixabay

As for brainpower, Scott held it down in space, showing that astronauts can stay smart for a long time up there. So, no need to worry about space turning our brains into mush!

Kelly’s Verdict: Mars Mission Possible

Talking about the whole experiment, Scott shared that after doing this experiment and all the studies, nothing can prevent us from going to Mars.

Of course, some things still need investigating, such as gene expression, telomeres, and other problems astronauts have with their vision, which could make traversing Mars that slight bit more difficult!