Woman Ditches Alexa After Unwanted Husband Chatter

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Encountering unexpected interactions with Amazon’s Alexa took an eerie turn for one woman who shared her unsettling experience on TikTok.

The voice assistant’s previous peculiar responses, addressing her by name and making unsolicited recommendations, left her uneasy. The breaking point came when, during her absence, Alexa initiated conversations with her husband late at night while he played video games! Let’s dig a little deeper…

Jess’s Unexpected Tech Adventure

Picture this: the last thing you want is someone getting too friendly with your spouse. Now, imagine it’s not a person but Amazon’s device making moves on your man while he’s deep into a late-night gaming session. It sounds like the plot of a quirky sci-fi comedy, right?!

But a woman named Jess took to her TikTok page to share her bizarre and somewhat unsettling encounter with Alexa. A late-night rendezvous, unexpected conversations, and a husband caught in the crossfire of artificial affection – Jess spilled the details that left her ‘officially done with Alexa.’

Alexa’s Unsettling Conversations

In her latest video, Jess recounted an eerie encounter with Alexa unfolding over the past few months. She described the unsettling experience of the voice assistant not only recognizing her voice but also taking the initiative to make personalized recommendations and greetings. Creepy.

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As if that wasn’t strange enough, Jess went on to narrate an even more bizarre incident from the past weekend. While she was away on a trip, Alexa, seemingly possessed by an otherworldly desire for conversation, kept activating and engaging in discussions with her husband. The peculiar turn of events took place during the unholy hours of 1 am! Did Alexa go too far?

Unplugging of Alexa’s Unwanted Whispers

Jess further shared her experience by mentioning the growing trend she noticed on TikTok. Many users were expressing similar eerie encounters with their Alexas, recounting instances of the device behaving oddly. The breaking point for Jess and her husband came when Alexa persisted in speaking without any prompting.

The decision was swift—Alexa had to go! In a symbolic move, Jess ordered a kitchen timer as a replacement, emphasizing that setting timers was the only practical use they had for Alexa. Maybe next time the bot will speak when spoken to?