Dwayne Johnson Surprises UFC Star Who Had $6.43 in His Account Before Payday From First Win

Most fans dream of meeting their favorite celebrities, but when Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a The Rock, learned about the inspiring story of struggling UFC fighter Themba T L Gorimbo, he decided to turn fantasy into reality.

Dwayne Johnson

From Struggling UFC Fighter to A-List Surprise

Following a difficult start to his professional career in the UFC, Zimbabwean fighter Themba T L Gorimbo found newfound success when he won his second bout against Japan’s Takashi Soto. As a token of gratitude, Gorimbo used the prize money from the fight to install a much-needed water pump in his village while he was sleeping on a couch at his gym.

Before this win, Gorimbo had less than $7 left in his bank account after losing his debut match to AJ Fletcher. Despite facing tough times, he never gave up and continued working hard to reach his dreams. It was this grit and determination that caught the attention of Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson Was Inspired by Gorimbo’s Story

After hearing about Gorimbo’s heartwarming story and determination, Dwayne Johnson reached out to him via social media and expressed his admiration for the 32-year-old fighter. In an unforgettable moment captured on camera, The Rock visited Gorimbo at a Miami gym, where they shared a heartfelt hug as Gorimbo teared up upon meeting his idol.

Dwayne Johnson Was Inspired by Gorimbo’s Story

The touching video shows Johnson sneaking up on Gorimbo while he was giving an interview, their warm embrace, and Gorimbo’s emotional reaction to meeting his mentor. Upon uploading the video to Twitter, The Rock shared a lengthy caption describing their interaction as a “very good and very special day.”

Since being shared online, the video has gone viral and has been seen by over 9 million people. Viewers of the clip were moved by the genuine display of support and encouragement from the A-list actor toward the aspiring UFC athlete.

Celebrities like Dwayne Johnson remind us that acts of kindness and genuine support for those pursuing their dreams can make all the difference in someone’s life. The next time you feel inspired by an individual’s journey, consider reaching out and offering encouragement — who knows where your words may take them.

Both Stars Denied Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine at Red Carpet Event

Actors Harry Styles and Chris Pine have denied that Styles spit on Pine at the 2022 edition of the Venice Film Festival on September 4.

Both Stars Denied Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine at Red Carpet Event A Short Video Gave Rise to the Spitting Incident Speculation

Recently, a short video of the event surfaced, where the 28-year-old British singer attended the Don’t Worry Darling premiere together with 42-year-old American actor Chris Pine. The two actors are starring in the upcoming psychological thriller, directed by Olivia Wilde.

Don’t Worry Darling is packed with celebrities, also including Florence Pugh, Nick Kroll, and Gemma Chan.

Many people think that Styles spit on his co-star just before taking a seat beside him during the festival. This, however, proved to be false.

Harry Styles and Chris Pine Both Deny the Incident Happened

A representative for Pine stated that the story was fabricated, ridiculous, and the result of a weird online illusion, clearly deceiving and allowing for foolish speculation.

The rep denied that Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine and went on to explain that the two men felt only respect for each other. All other suggestions were dismissed as a blatant attempt at the stirring of non-existent drama.

At the same time, the rumor was also denied by sources close to Styles.

Pine was sitting next to Styles’ girlfriend Olivia Wilde throughout the event. At one point, he can be seen looking down at his lap right after he had stopped clapping. The two actors don’t look at each other. However, Pine starts to smile while Styles is taking his seat.

Don’t Worry Darling Surrounded by Rumoured Behind-The-Scenes Drama

The short video has brought about much speculation on the Internet. Some thought they saw Harry spitting, others claimed that the video didn’t show anything except for “massive tension” between the two actors.

Don’t Worry Darling is set to be released on 23 September 2022. A lot of rumored behind-the-scenes drama already surrounds the new film directed by Olivia Wilde.