Star-Studded Lineups Unveiled: NFL’s 2024 Pro Bowl Games Rosters

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For the second year in a row, get ready for the NFL’s awesome Pro Bowl Games showdown! They’re shaking things up to bring new life to the event, moving the action from Las Vegas to sunny Orlando. Why the change? Las Vegas is gearing up for the Super Bowl the very next week. So, pack your excitement and join the party, it’s just in Florida this time!

AFC and NFC Clash

Get ready for an action-packed weekend! The AFC and NFC are going head-to-head in thrilling skills competitions, building up to the epic grand finale, the flag football face-off.

The Powerhouse AFC Lineup

Leading the charge at quarterback, we’ve got Tua Tagovailoa, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes. The running game is in good hands with Raheem Mostert, James Cook, and Derrick Henry, while Alec Ingold brings the muscle as the fullback. The receiving squad is stacked with Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen, and Ja’Marr Chase. Tight ends Travis Kelce and David Njoku add some serious firepower, while the offensive line will be anchored by Laremy Tunsil and Dion Dawkins.

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On the defensive front, Myles Garrett, Maxx Crosby, and Trey Hendrickson are locked and loaded as defensive ends. Quinnen Williams, a force to be reckoned with, holds down the interior. Linebackers T.J. Watt, Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, and Patrick Queen are also involved.

The secondary is on lockdown with Sauce Gardner, Patrick Surtain II, Jalen Ramsey, and Denzel Ward. Safeties Justin Simmons, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Kyle Hamilton are the defensive guardians. Justin Tucker handles kicking duties, A.J. Cole takes care of punts, and Ross Matisick snaps the ball with precision. Lastly, Marvin Mims Jr. will be the go-to return specialist, with Miles Killebrew also taking part as a special teamer.

Meet the Dominant NFC Lineup

At the helm are the quarterback trio of Dak Prescott, Brock Purdy, and Matthew Stafford, throwing to runners Christian McCaffrey, D’Andre Swift, and Kyren Williams. Powering through as the fullback is Kyle Juszczyk.

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The receiving squad features CeeDee Lamb, A.J. Brown, Mike Evans, and Puka Nacua. Tight ends George Kittle and Sam LaPorta add serious firepower, while the offensive line will be led by Trent Williams and Lane Johnson.

On the defensive front, we will see Nick Bosa, Montez Sweat, and Aidan Hutchinson. Interior linemen Aaron Donald, Dexter Lawrence, and Javon Hargrave are a formidable trio. Linebackers Micah Parsons, Danielle Hunter, Haason Reddick, Fred Warner, and Bobby Wagner are poised to make life tough for the AFC offense.

The secondary is on lockdown with cornerbacks Daron Bland, Charvarius Ward, Jaylon Johnson, and Devon Witherspoon, while safeties Jessie Bates, Budda Baker, and Julian Love are the last line of defense. Andrew DePaola nails the long snaps, Brandon Aubrey handles the kicks, and Bryan Anger takes care of the punts with precision. Rashid Shaheed is our go-to return specialist, and Jalen Reeves-Maybin will be the special teamer.

The question is, who will win?

Side-Eye May Be a Common Expression Among Primates Other Than Humans

A photo of a chimpanzee with white on the eyes gives the feeling that something’s slightly off because most primates have a dark sclera, which in humans is the white part of the eye that surrounds the iris and pupil. This means that chimpanzees can also give side-eye as a communication signal.

Side-Eye May Be a Common Expression Among Primates Other Than Humans
Side-Eye May Be a Common Expression Among Primates Other Than Humans

Chimpanzees Can Give Side-Eye

White sclera evolution was thought to be tied to communication because humans have an impressive ability to tell a lot from just one look. So, side-eye means a person is not happy. Rolling the eyes upwards means something is wrong, and so forth. But what is the situation when it comes to other primates? Chimps and bonobos have very complex social groups and communicate through all kinds of gestures with humans being able to translate half of them. While it was thought that a white sclera was unique to humans, studies have found that this is not actually the case.

Cases of chimpanzees with white sclerae were believed to be anomalies caused by a mutation or an illness, but a new review has determined that eye color was highly variable in a big group of wild chimpanzees in Uganda. Of 230 individuals, 34 had white sclerae, with some of these having them visible even when they were looking straight ahead.

Gorillas Also Have White Sclera

Side-Eye May Be a Common Expression Among Primates Other Than Humans

According to the authors of the study, scholarly literature and popular media often regard the white sclera as a characteristic unique to humans. However, their research proved otherwise, as almost one-sixth of the chimpanzees they looked at displayed full or partial white sclera in at least one eye. This feature was more noticeable when the chimpanzees averted their gaze rather than when they looked directly at something, meaning they could give side-eye. The authors noted that even a minimal amount of white or light sclera could enhance the visibility of gaze direction.

The new research is built on existing papers that have shown that some gorillas also have white sclerae. In 2022, an experiment tested whether humans and chimpanzees could discriminate the eye-gaze direction in photos of both species. These findings could mean that how people react to the gaze of conspecifics and how they use their eyes to communicate may have been the reason for the evolution of the white sclera.