The Coolest Inventions From the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show

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The annual Las Vegas event, known as the Consumer Electronics Show, took place recently and showcased many creative inventions. They even brought together startup founders, tech experts, and journalists, among others, and let them witness the newest gadgets out there. Some seemed useful, some rather weird, and others were just amazing. Here are some of the most notable inventions shown at the event.

Walking Assist Robot

The 2024 event was as sci-fi-oriented as every other year, showing wall-crawling robots, AI and solar-powered vehicles, translucent televisions, mood mirrors, and more.

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Walking is not easy for some due to old age, sickness, or muscle problems, so the South Korean robotics company WIRobotics made a device called WIM. It is supposed to be worn around the waist and legs and makes walking easier by using about 20% less energy. It means you can walk longer without getting too tired. The device monitors the person’s walk and becomes even better at helping its user while giving feedback.

Solar-Powered Electrical Vehicle

Squad Mobility is a company that created a small electric car called the Solar City. It is small and surprisingly comfortable but uses solar power to charge itself.

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The vehicle can travel approximately 13 miles on solar power alone, and the panel is placed on the rooftop. It generates 250 watts at its peak and can be charged like a regular electric vehicle. Its maximum speed is around 25 miles per hour.

Targeted Hearing Device

People who have difficulty hearing can face challenges, especially in noisy environments. OrCam Technologies has addressed this issue with its OrCam Hear device.

Instagram // @orcam_technologies

It consists of earbuds and an artificial intelligence-powered app. The app captures samples of different voices and creates profiles for each speaker, which users can pick from to focus on the sound they want to hear.

An Emergency Solar Generator

EcoFlow introduced its new product, the Delta Pro Ultra. It is a backup battery generator that operates on solar power and can provide emergency power to homes.

Instagram // @ecoflowtech

Weighing 186 pounds, it is portable enough to be used on the go, making it great for powering RVs or tiny homes. Users can also program the generator to take over during peak energy usage times and thus help to save money on electric bills.

At-Home Health Check

Withings has created a device to improve the medicine cabinet. The BeamO is a versatile four-in-one device combining a digital stethoscope, thermometer, electrocardiogram, and blood oxygen monitor. The company calls it a multiscope and a compact device no larger than a remote control.

Withings // BeamO

It allows the user to monitor their heart rhythm, breathing, and other vital signs that are important during a virtual appointment with the doctor. The doctor can even get a digital readout of the patient’s health metrics.

Internet Access on Kilimanjaro Can Help Climbers Seek Life-Saving Aid

A group of native guides from the adjacent Moshi region, an Austrian mountaineer named Ludwig Purtscheller, and a German geology professor named Hans Meyer, all created history on October 6, 1889. They must have experienced a sense of awe and fulfillment that few of us will ever know as they ascended the last few steps to Kilimanjaro’s highest summit, a mountain that had never previously been known to have been scaled. If only they had been able to tweet it…

Internet Access on Kilimanjaro Can Help Climbers Seek Life-Saving AidInternet Access on Kilimanjaro

This historical wrong has now been made right. On the slopes of Africa’s tallest peak, high-speed Internet access is now available, allowing would-be climbers to Insta their way to the summit — or, you know, phone for assistance before they join the 10 or so individuals who perish on the slopes each year. The Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation recently connected Kilimanjaro, and the country’s information minister, Nape Nnauye, who described the occasion as “historic.”

In a press event, Nnauye said that previously, it was pretty dangerous for guests to function without the Internet. Now, though, visitors to the mountain can stay connected to the world below them up to the Horombo huts, which are approximately 3,740 meters above sea level. However, they’ll have to wait until the end of the year before they can tweet from the summit, as Internet access is not expected to reach the entire 19,341-meter height until then.

Rescue Teams Can Find People in Need Much More Quickly

Access to the Internet has become an essential component of climbing in recent years, which can be either positive or negative. Even while an over-dependence on cell phones has led some would-be explorers to be directed up dangerous and perhaps lethal routes, even the most experienced mountaineers agree that connectivity is essential if something goes wrong.

The usage of mobile phones in Kilimanjaro, and other mountain areas, can also raise the alarm much quicker than was possible 20 years ago. This, in turn, makes it possible for aid to be delivered sooner, which benefits those injured in an accident. The use of mobile phones in such a manner has been credited with saving lives.