An iPhone Setting for Achieving “Unlimited” Battery Life

TikTok // @t_sply

In an unsurprising turn of events, iPhone users are complaining. This time, it’s about how their phones are running out of battery too quickly. Well, guess what? Marcus Obeada, the TikTok sensation, claims he’s cracked the code to solve this problem.

Obeada has laid out a step-by-step guide to achieving their “unlimited battery” dream. Don’t take that bit literally, by the way.

Stretch iPhone’s Battery Life

First up, dive into your Settings, tap “Accessibility,” and then hit “Display & Text Size,” Scroll until you find “Reduce White Point.” Toggle that bad boy on, then, a slider pops up. According to Marcus Obeada, the higher the percentage you slide it to, the more battery you save.

Pexels// Photo by Szabó Viktor

He swears by it, even dimming his screen and lowering the brightness to the max. Sure, it might be a bit squinty to read texts, but think about the battery life you’re saving! Plus, it’s perfect for winding down at night, giving your eyes a break from the brightness. So, if you’re not a fan of your phone’s screen on full blast, this hack is for you.

Feedback From People

Commenters on social media were giving Marcus props for his tech advice, but not everyone liked it. One dude said, “I did it, and now I can’t see anything.” Another said, “Well, I mean, now I know how to use my phone at night if it’s still too bright for my eyes.”

A mixed bag of opinions, it seems. Some were spreading the love for the iPhone tip, but a few were side-eyeing it, saying it’s all about screen colors, not really saving battery. Give it a go to see what you think about it all!

John Legend Captures Daughter Esti’s Adorable Milestone on Video

John Legend Shares Esti’s Heartwarming Milestone

John Legend, the Grammy Award-winning singer, has every reason to be a proud dad after his seven-month-old daughter, Esti Maxine, showcased an adorable milestone in her young life. The heartwarming video, which captured baby Esti saying “Dada,” made fans and followers all around the world smile.

John Legend Shares Esti’s Heartwarming Milestone

John Legend is a proud dad as he recently shared the sweetest moment on his Instagram — capturing his daughter Esti saying “Dada” for the very first time. In the video, Legend can be heard asking, “What’s my name? What’s my name?” while his little girl sits on a sofa making different noises before finally saying “Dada.”

John Legend Shares Esti’s Heartwarming Milestone

Upon hearing his daughter say “Dada,” John Legend became so excited that he unintentionally scared little Esti, causing her to burst into tears. Despite this, he relished the endearing moment by captioning the video, “DADA! Then I got too excited and scared her.”

Family Vacation Highlights

Legend’s family video comes shortly after their first vacation as a family of six, which included their children Luna, Miles, Esti, and Wren. Both John Legend and Chrissy Teigen posted lovely pictures from their vacation with heartwarming captions about their experiences.

Wren’s arrival in June via surrogate was a surprise revelation to fans. After all, it came only six months after Chrissy gave birth to Esti. The couple publicly honored and thanked their surrogate, Alexandra, for the incredible gift of life she gave them. Even Wren’s middle name, Alexander, will forever connect him to his loving surrogate.

John Legend Captures Daughter Esti's Adorable Milestone on Video
Family Vacation Highlights

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen continue to share heartwarming family moments that resonate with fans worldwide. Esti’s adorable milestone is just one of many special memories the family will cherish as they grow together. As they navigate their journey with a family of six, we can undoubtedly expect more endearing and inspiring moments to come.